MSDAO Funding

Community Funding

MSDAO Funding provides filmmakers and other creatives a platform for funding and community-building.

Creating a Project

You have a great idea for a film or series. Should you create a new project on That depends.

Helpful Tips

A new project should give the community a good sense of what the final film or series will be.
  • Visuals, visuals, visuals! Upload teasers, trailers, sizzle reels, concept art, or other visuals to paint a picture of your idea to the community.
  • Budget smartly. Understand and be realistic about your budget. You don’t always have to submit a budget breakdown but if your project involves massive amounts of vfx or stunt work, you should reflect that in the budget.
  • Don’t lie or overpromise. If you dont have Brad Pitt signed, don’t attach him to your project. Provide proof in your Project Page of any notable cast or crew attachments.
  • Show your previous work. Short films are a great showcase of your skill- include links to them. Make sure your IMDB is updated.
  • Write a killer logline and synopsis.

You’re Funded, Now What?

Make your project, update and engage your community, and fulfill your promises! MSDAO does not accept projects that have started shooting so this is the time you should be mobilizing your cast and crew for production.
50% of the funds (minus the 8% MSDAO fee) will immediately be released to the wallet address specified when setting up your project. 25% will be released upon the Project Creator’s request subject to a 3 day holding period. The final 25% will be released no earlier than 7 days after the second request and will be subject to the same 3 day holding period as the second release of funds.

Holding Period for Funds

50% of the funds will be held back and subject to refund to the community pledgers in the event of a rug pull, abandonment of project, fraud, unwillingness to fulfill benefits for NFT hodlers, or for any reason that will result in the project not being completed.
The holding period allows the community to vote to have a three-member arbitration panel decide on refunding the remaining funds to the community members that pledged to the project.
Refunds will be exceptional occurrences and will only be approved if the project creator has grossly defaulted on their duties to the community. PLEDGES WILL NOT BE REFUNDED BECAUSE THE COMMUNITY IS UNHAPPY WITH THE QUALITY OF THE PROJECT.


There shall be no transfer of rights for any project created under MSDAO Funding to MSDAO or any member. The Project Creator retains all rights afforded them unless they specifically attach those rights to a Non-fungible token (NFT) on the MSDAO platform and that NFT is purchased.

The Flow

Project Created > Community Token Pledges > Project Funded > Project NFTs Minted and Sent to Pledgers > Funds Released to Project Creator

Project NFTs

When pledging $MSDAO tokens, a Member is given the option of four NFTs, assigned a specific token amount.
  1. 1.
    Platinum Tier NFT - 500 $MSDAO
  2. 2.
    Gold Tier NFT - 250 $MSDAO
  3. 3.
    Silver Tier NFT - 100 $MSDAO
  4. 4.
    One of One Tier NFT - 5000 $MSDAO
Each NFT Tier holds specific utility benefits assigned by the Project Creator.
While the NFT may hold one of a number of benefits (be an extra, virtual or irl set visit, producer credit, digital download, etc.), the specific benefit will only be revealed during minting (except for the One of One NFT). Each benefit will have a rarity attached to represent the likelihood of your NFT carrying that benefit.
Visit the NFT Section for more detail.