The Solution
A crypto-native movie studio and fundraising platform where the ownership of the movie studio is transferred to the community. With this ownership transfer, we will be able to leverage the collective knowledge of the community and create efficient decision-making and make great films while sustaining the organization through sales, merchandise, and other channels.
Creative art such as filmmaking knows no borders. The only way to ensure great stories are collectively encouraged and subsequently made, is by mobilizing action at a larger scale. The market is the most optimal solution we have at our disposal to produce movies that will be un-influenced by mainstream production houses and franchises at the scale required. This will consequently offer Directors a true sense of creative control to pursue storylines that may not fit into a tight box of whatever is the most profitable genre of the day, but rather gives rise to creativity, innovation, and entertaining stories without primary importance being their connection to a franchise or existing IP. To properly value good content and movies, we need to empower the community to make every major production decisions which includes voting on which script to produce, paying the screenwriter with treasury funds, which actors to cast, which Director or Production Company to hire, which locations to book, where to hold the premiere, etc. We also need to reward participation for those who participate in this movie studio market with value or influence, or both. Web3 is a perfect place to build this foundation where there is sufficient liquidity to have impact at scale, where smart contracts can securely and transparently govern transactions, and where contributions can be fairly incentivized.
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