Multi Signature Wallet

We strive for security and transparency. Utilizing a multi-sig will alleviate fears and mitigate bad actors. A 3 of 5 multi-sig address is being used on Polygon mainnet.
The multi-sig is formed by the following parties:
The multi-sig address for Polygon is:
Remaining vested tokens can be found here:

Economic Activities

  • Purchase of assets in the form of cryptocurrencies, virtual assets in the Metaverse, SAFTs, in-game tokens as well as other NFTs to contribute to the development of Metaverse economies.
  • Arbitrage farms to maximize yields.
  • Fund projects, products and services approved by DAO members.
  • Manage locked, unvested, undistributed tokens of all parties.
  • Provide guidance in events that involve debt and interest payments, acquisition of assets including any buybacks and future fundraising rounds.
  • Perform financial operations such as accounting, audits, and reporting.

Treasury Allocation

The Treasurers of MSDAO will at all times act in accordance with the best interests of the DAO and community. Funds in the Treasury will be allocated based on a conservative growth approach while maintaining liquidity.
MSDAO Treasury Allocation